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Unclutter Your Life at the Cellular Level

It’s called epigenetics – the ability to influence your well-being at a cellular level. Genetic Scientists are studying how environment, nutrition, emotions, and even belief systems affect us at this most basic level of our being.

Do you feel limited, wrestle with self-doubt, or struggle over and over with the same issues? I can help you clear the clutter stored in your body.

You have such an incredible capacity for healing and I’m here to remind you to explore your own inner brilliance.

We’ll get underneath chronic illness, relationship issues, or longstanding emotional blocks and empower you to go on a soul dive, explore the depths, and become your own amazing healer.

To get you started, I offer a free 20-minute sample coaching session to help you decide if coaching is the right path for you.

I offer two modalities for you to choose from:

1. Coaching – As Martha Graham said, “Your body never lies.” Your beautiful, miraculous body has recorded everything that has ever happened to you. I inspire you to use your sentient (body knowing) wisdom to find the answers to long held emotional blocks, illness, and past trauma. I’m certified with the Coach Training Alliance and am currently working on my PhD in Depth Psychology and Somatics.

2. Reiki – A beautiful tradition of healing in the Usui Sensei tradition. I’m a Professional Member of the Reiki Membership Association. I give Reiki treatments, teach Reiki, and write articles for the Reiki News Magazine.

Let me know which modality feels best for you. If you’re undecided, send me an e-mail to determine which practice best suits your needs at this time.

I love to work on the phone, Skype, and in person in the Santa Barbara area. I also teach and give talks.

In Love and Light,